My home office AV setup


I recently recorded a talk for work, and was asked about my AV setup. The camera and lense choice is directly inspired by Ben Gilbert and David Rosenthal’s setup for their excellent podcast, Acquired. I figure since I work full time remote from home, I want to be seen and heard clearly. Also, the a7c is a fantastic full-frame compact travel camera.

Category Item Price
Camera Sony a7c ~$1600
Lens Sony FE 35mm f/1.8 ~$650
Camera Power Dummy Battery ~37
Camera Mount Clamp arm mount ~$30
Video Card Elgato Cam Link 4k ~$90
Camera Control Cable 6ft USB-C cable ~$17
HDMI cable Micro HDMI to HDMI ~$10
Camera Control Sony Imaging Edge Free
Recording Software OBS Free
Microphone Yeti Blue ~$100
Microphone Mount Microphone Arm ~$22
Equipment Total $2556

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